On Saturday, I sadly bid adieu to my grandmother. Although I have accepted the reality of it- I still want to call her at least once a week, as it’s been so long since I heard from her (She passed in December, but we put off her final rites so all family might attend, even though they were unable.)

She’d have enjoyed the trip up- the stay was memorable- it reminded me of times staying in her quite rural cabin in Fox, Montana- it didn’t even have indoor plumbing- in the late 80s. She sold that and gave the proceeds to my uncle decades ago.

This is the first time I stayed in this specific cabin at Jolley Camper- it had two overhead fans, a working heater (just don’t run that and the TV or microwave at the same time), and a half-sized hot water heater- which ought to be enough for anyone. Talk about spoiled!


Back home, I’ve got a lot of real life to catch up on. I’m officially dropping my ideology of posting something every (other) day, because I’m already faltering, and often have nothing that I consider worthy of sharing with the world.